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Story telling dolls workshop and classes is a unique and creative art style for both children and adult. The participants create one of a kind figures that tell a tale. Figures come to life using an expressive and creative form of art. The figures can portray biblical characters or events, historical characters or events, traditions, folk themes, or a take on a personal form special to you.

Dolls can be personalized and customized for any occasion, celebration or event. This makes for a unique and original gift giving opportunity sure to leave a long lasting impression or a great addition to any art lover's collection. The dolls make excellent personalized and unique gifts for:


· Birthdays
· Anniversaries
· Weddings
· Bar/Bat Mitzvas


· Graduations
· Holidays
· Briths
· Any other special occasion in your life

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    Story Telling Dolls for Schools

    Batia's work with schools is a true success story. Working with students and teachers in the classroom for over 10 years, Batia helps bring to life topics from the curriculum, by putting together gorgeous exhibit displays made by the children in the class, with Batia's guidance. These exhibits are not only impressive and a true learning experience, they also are a source of pride to each and every one of the students, teachers, parents, and schools that participated in their making.


    Doll projects can revolve around any theme. Any Jewish holiday is of course a joy to work on for the children and teachers. Some examples of subjects for a workshop include:

    • Bilblical stories or events: Matan Torah, Ruth & Naomi, Joseph in Egypt...
    • Woman of the bible ( designed for Bat Mitzvah celebrations )
    • Anna Frank
    • First waves of immigration to Israel
    • Jewish Holidays: Purim, Passover...
    • Any other subject which is covered in class.

    Dolls Projects

    One sculpting course can be completed in 3 sessions, approximately 1-2 hours each time.

    • First session: Creating the shape and making it balance.
    • Second session: Covering and strengthening the figure.
    • Third session: Overseeing decorating, deployment.

    Academic Benefits

    • Exploring and developing student's artistic expression.
    • Study of Jewish heritage and biblical times through the setting and dressing of the figure.
    • Gives student sense of achievement via personal creation.

    School Benefits

    • The art work can be taken home to parents and family as a symbol of the outstanding work and achievements of the student through their school.
    • The figures can be displayed as an exhibit in the school to show off the talents and accomplishments of a particular classroom, the school, staff or individual student.
    • Adding the school's enjoyable and dynamic learning atmosphere.

    For details and referrals, and to see how story telling dolls can be integrated into your curriculum, please contact Batia.

    Custom Made Dolls

    Custom dolls can be ordered from Batia for any occasion. Click here for more information on customized dolls.