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Puppetry for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

As part of my work with schools, I had the opportunity to practice puppetry with children on the higher end of the autism spectrum. I was amazed by how well these children responded to the puppets - with tremendous enthusiasm and joy.

My daughter is engaged in research about the brain mechanisms of ASD, and with her help I discovered that indeed there is ample evidence that children on the spectrum respond extremely well to puppetry, and there are centers dedicated to teaching them better communication skills through puppetry.

Puppetry can be used to help your child develop imaginative play, work on general communication skills, work towards specific goals, or just generally improving language skills.

Because every child on the autism spectrum is different, Batia will work with each child individually to maximize social interactions. If you'd like to focus on particular skills (eye contact, sharing, language skills, etc.), Batia will custom tailor the session(s) accordingly. Otherwise, the focus will be on imaginative play and social interaction.


Sessions are 45 minutes in length. Location may be either at the child's house or Batia's house.

First session is free.

Please contact me for pricing and availability.

About Batia

Batia is an insightful and dedicated professional experienced in teaching subject matter to children through various art forms including puppetry, doll making and general art work. She demonstrates a high level of compassion, sensitivity and patience for children with special needs while contemporaneously encouraging children to strive towards goals, exhibit confidence and shed typical inhibitions. Valued by colleagues and students alike for transforming the teaching/learning process into an enjoyable and creative endeavour.

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