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Custom Made Dolls

Figuretale Creations dolls are about unique one of a kind figures that tell a tale, figures that come to life using an expressive, creative and unique form of art. The figures can portray Biblical characters or events, historical characters or events, traditions, folk themes, or a take on a personal form special to you.

Each doll is hand sculpted from paris plaster and hand painted. Attention is paid to every detail, starting from the exact shape of the doll, and all the way through to its painting and dressing, all using the finest materials and accessories. Typical doll size is about 10"-12" high. Area occupied by doll(s) depends on the extent of the surrounding scenery involved.

Doll Galleries

Dolls can be personalized and customized for any occasion, celebration or event. This makes for a unique and original gift giving opportunity sure to leave a long lasting impression or a great addition to any art lover's collection. The dolls make excellent personalized and unique gifts for:


· Birthdays
· Anniversaries
· Weddings
· Bar/Bat Mitzvas


· Graduations
· Holidays
· Briths
· Any other special occasion in your life

Dolls can also be created as a beautiful and original centerpeices for any special event or occasion. In addition, customized dolls can include a special dedication using artistic, decorative writing and background as part of the display. There is an option of providing you own material, such as a copy of an invitation or photo, to be incorporated into the display in an artistic way.

Photo Galleries

  Judaica Dolls

  Dolls with a personal story

  Dolls Portraying Biblical scenes


Doll prices vary according to the degree of complexity involved in making the dolls, the display and the decorative background. Final price start at $250 cnd. To get an exact quote, please contact Batia.