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Art Classes & Workshops with Batia

Batia has many years of experience teaching a wide variety of art and craft style classes and workshops in schools, community centers, synagogues and retirement homes for both children and adults.

Wide Variety of Art & Craft Styles

Batia teaches a wide variety of art styles!

The following are a few specific examples:

Dolls Make your own Precious Moments Frame Album
Everyone has moments and times in life that are so precious that you want to just preserve them forever. "Precious Moments" allows you to do just that, in your own unique one of a kind way. Design your own frame album, with special paper, embossments, your own photos and any illustrations you want to include. You will not find such an album at any store, or on anyone else's coffee table. Include as many pages as you need.
See Examples...


Make your own Plate
Fun and easy, with gorgeous results! Each person will make one plate with a theme of his/her choice. It can be a holiday plate, a personalized plate using pictures (don't forget to bring the pictures along), or any other theme or idea. All materials (other than personal pictures of course). A variety of plate types may be chosen. See Examples...


Brass Pictures
An original gift idea and a true source of creativity. Ready to frame. Working with metallic paper, embossing and decorating, ready to frame. See Examples...

Art Classes and Education Programs for Schools

Art projects are a fantastic method of teaching for your school. Fun and creative for the students, while educational and effective at the same time.

Each project involves new and different techniques, making it a new fun learning experience for the students. Each workshop lasts between 1-2 sessions in the classroom, each session is 2-3 hours.

The art work to be decided together with the teacher regarding subject learned in the classroom. The theme can represent any holiday, tradition or symbol.

The art work can be taken home to parents and family as symbol of the outstanding work of the students through their school, and be displayed at home as Jewish symbols done in school.

See Examples...

For details and referrals, and to see how art classes can be integrated into your curriculum, please contact Batia.