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About Batia

Batia Citrin Kenet was born in Israel. For many years, she worked as a special education teacher in high school in Israel. After moving to Canada, Batia realized that artistic creation can serve as an educational tool and began designing and creating clay dolls. However, she found this process too time consuming and cumbersome, and unsuitable for most children. She then proceeded to invent her own unique method of doll making, which then evolved into her dolls today, dolls that tell a story, and can portray biblical, historical, or personal events.

Batia began teaching three dimensional sculpting art through educational projects in Hebrew schools around the greater Toronto area, giving students the opportunity to sculpt the figures of the characters they were studying about in the classroom. You can read more about schools here.

Batia then expanded to make specialized custom made dolls for any occasion (Bar/Bat Mitzva, wedding, Brith, birthday, anniversary, etc). You can read more about custom made dolls here.

Batia also teaches her technique of doll sculpting (as well as other crafts) to anyone who wishes to master this art form (see workshops for more details).

Batia is constantly exploring new venues, techniques and ideas. All of her art is custom made to order, and one of a kind.

You can contact Batia by writing, or by phone: (647) 886-7643

Work Experience

2009 - 2011: Classroom Workshops: Teaching Hebrew through Puppetry, Grade 6
Associated Hebrew School, Toronto
1998 - 2011: Classroom Workshops: Teaching Jewish Culture through Art Work, Grades 1 - 6
Associated Hebrew School, Toronto
2001 - 2006: Classroom Workshops: Teaching Jewish Culture through Doll Making, Grade 7
United Synagogue Day School, Toronto
2003 - 2005: Classroom Workshops: teaching doll making and Jewish Culture, grades 5 & 6
Bet Emet Synagogue, Toronto
1992 - 1996: Volunteer Work
York Centre for Children, Youth & Families, Toronto
1982 - 1986: Hebrew Teacher, Grades 3 to 5
Maimonides Private School, Brussels
1976 - 1982: Special Education Teacher & Hebrew Teacher, Grades 7-9
Ticon Lamed-Chet School, Jaffa


Jan. 2012: Puppet Therapy Institute
Creative Arts for Sensitive Topics Course & Certificate
Sept. 2011: Puppet Therapy Institute
Tools for Healing Course & Certificate
July 2011: Puppet Therapy Institute
Access the Healing Potential of Puppets Certification
July 2011: Puppeteers of America
Teaching Artist and Therapist Participation Certification
Oct. 2011: MukiBaum Treatment Centers for Children & Adults with complex Disabilities
Sensory Detective in the Classroom Certification
April 1998: Lewis Goldstein Art & Design
Master Doll Artist & Teacher Certification
1969 - 1972: University of Tel Aviv
Education & Literature